Low Level Firmware Programming with Drones


Based on the STMicroelectronics Drone kit, this curriculum guides young engineers and techies through the hurdles of flying a drone, while also teaching the key skills required to navigate a microcontroller architecture.

Prepared by:

  Prof. Yifeng Zhu, University of Maine


Instructor's manual

An instructor manual with solutions is available upon request. Please contact us at educationalplatforms@st.com.



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Low Level Firmware Programming with Drones Curriculum

These tutorials cover all the building blocks of embedded systems design, including how to generate a PWM signal, UART communication, power supply, sensing, control and connectivity. By the end of the program, you will have acquired all the skills necessary to fly a drone.



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What is the STEVAL-DRONE01?

The STEVAL-DRONE01 is a mini-drone kit featuring a high-performance flight controller unit, motors, propellers, plastic frame and battery – everything you need to assemble your own mini drone.



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App for iOS and Android

The ST_BLE_DRONE app is designed to be used in conjunction with STEVAL-DRONE01 evaluation board. It acts as a drone remote controller via BLE using the BlueST protocol.​ ST_BLE_DRONE provides an easy-to-use interface to replicate the remote control functionality on the smartphone.​



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Support material for the platform is available for free download.