Predictive maintenance

Industrial-grade sensor kit enables predictive maintenance in factory automation

Predictive maintenance is about having all the data from the sensors that have been strategically placed on and around equipment available at any time for local, edge and cloud processing. This data is then used to generate maintenance alerts based on specific conditions detected by sophisticated models and algorithms increasingly based on machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI)

Our STEVAL-BFA001V1B, industrial grade multi sensor reference design kit, hosts in its tiny M12 form factor a range of acoustic, motion and environmental sensor. The powerful on-board STM32 microcontroller enables motion and acoustic sensor processing in the time - including RMS for acceleration and speed - and frequency domain with libraries for FFT averaging, programmable windowing and/or overlapping.

IO-Link multi-port master board

The sensor can connect through an IO-Link interface and standard cable to the STEVAL-IDP004V1, IO-Link master multi-port evaluation board, providing a platform – including a dedicated GUI for data plotting - that enables extensive predictive maintenance evaluation and development capabilities in a real factory automation environment.


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