STPOWER ACEPACK 1 power module based on SiC MOSFET technology

High power density, compact power module enables very efficient, reliable, and robust power inverter designs

Ideal for charging stations, energy storage, and solar applications

This A1F25M12W2-F1 ACEPACK 1 power module features the superior electrical characteristics and thermal behavior of silicon carbide power MOSFETs in fourpack topology. The result is exceptionally low on-resistance per unit area and excellent switching performance that are virtually independent of temperature.
Furthermore, the very high power density of the new ACEPACK™ module allows more compact designs to satisfy key market requirements.

With an embedded NTC thermistor, these highly reliable power modules offer the best compromise between conduction and switching losses to maximize the efficiency of any converter system up to 30 kHz.

The ACEPACK 1 package offers very high flexibility with several other configuration options, including half-bridge, sixpack, and converter inverter brake topologies.


Key features of A1F25M12W2-F1

  • ACEPACK 1 power module:
    • DBC Cu-Al2O3-Cu based
    • Insulation voltage UL certified of 2.5 kVrms
    • Press fit contact pins
  • Integrated NTC temperature sensor
  • Fourpack topology:
    • 1200 V SiC MOSFET
    • RDS(on) typical 25 mΩ
    • Very high-power density
    • Very low switching energies
    • Switching characteristic almost independent temperature

Key applications

Charging station
Energy storage

Solar panels


ACEPACK power modules with SiC MOSFETs
Technology presentation

Optimize your power conversion system with preconfigured industrial power modules with best-in-class SiC technology

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ACEPACK 1 and 2, SiC power modules: how to read our datasheet
Technical note

This technical note is intended to explain the parameters included in a power module datasheet and guide the customer toward the best choice according to their specific application. This document provides the designer with sufficient information to establish the limits of the device.

Press-fit ACEPACK power modules mounting instructions
Technical note

ST introduces the ACEPACK™ Power Module family, designed for easy mounting and reliable performance in rugged applications. The available module form factors are ACEPACK™ 1 with 33.8 mm x 48 mm and ACEPACK™ 2 with 56.7 mm x 48 mm body dimensions. Various die selections in silicon and silicon carbide substrates can be housed in several configurations.



Enabling more compact and efficient system solutions

Our ACEPACK power modules leverage the innovative properties of silicon carbide (SiC) and a high-thermal performance substrate resulting in a good low on-resistance per area and switching performance that is virtually independent of temperature.

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