Save time & resources on your development

using STM32Cube with Azure RTOS

Seamless access to Azure RTOS for faster microcontroller project development and future-proof designs

Speed up your embedded project and avoid time-consuming software development from scratch, with all the constraints that come with it.

With STM32Cube, you can use a free, proven software suite with direct access to Azure RTOS components to build a common software framework for all your projects, ensuring interoperability and seamless reusability.

Choose from many Azure RTOS examples to speed up your design

USB composite device, with 2 classes CDC ACM and HID, and 4 endpoints
FAT file system on external NOR Flash
MQTT client with TLS encryption for cloud connection through Wi-Fi

The X-CUBE-AZRTOS software package brings together essential components, which are ready-to-use and high quality. Standard USB, file system, TCP/IP network software stacks are part of Azure RTOS. USB and file system can be implemented with the RTOS kernel or bare-metal.

Find the right software package for your MCU or MPU here
Online learning
MOOC on Azure RTOS
This workshop walks you through the components of Azure RTOS ecosystem and shows you how they connect with STM32Cube tools.