Whitepaper: digital transformation

Digital transformation and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) can deliver operational efficiencies and reduced costs in many industries but navigating the route from proof of concept to successful scale up can be a complex task and can present some challenges.

This whitepaper will help you to understand the main pillars of an IIoT project, the challenges in scaling up industrial digital transformation and how ST along with its ecosystem partners can help you to successfully bring your digital transformation plans to life.

This whitepaper covers following topics:

  • Benefits of industrial digital transformation
  • Building blocks of an IIoT project and connected devices
  • Role of asset tracking and predictive maintenance applications in different industries and benefits
  • Key challenges in IIoT deployment and ecosystem value chain
  • ST’s ecosystem and how it can help to accelerate industrial digital transformation
  • Success stories/testimonials

Who should read:

  • Chief Digital/Innovation Officers
  • Digital and Innovation Managers
  • Logistic/Supply Chain Managers, Plant & Warehouse Managers
  • Ecosystem Partner Manager (MNOs, SI, cloud providers, engineering services etc.)