On-demand Webinar | Automotive gateway applications

E/E architectures and design challenges

Let’s go over today's E/E architectures and see how ST's SPC58 automotive microcontrollers can improve your designs for gateway applications.

Watch our webinar replay to figure out how our SPC58 Chorus microcontrollers can support your automotive gateway application design.

In addition to the implementation of ISO 26262 requirements and Evita-compliant Hardware Security Modules (HSM), you will discover the rich peripheral set and low-power functions of our scalable portfolio.

Your take-aways from this on-demand webinar: 

  • A big picture on today’s automotive architectures
            and requirements for gateway applications
  • The benefits of using SPC58 Chorus microcontrollers,
            in terms of:

           • ISO 26262 ASIL-D safety processes and Full EVITA support

           • Security with HSMs and over-the-air software updates

           • Versatile low-power modes

           • Scalability and packaging options

           • Full development ecosystem and 3rd party partners

To this webinar recording, we added the Q&A session where our experts answered questions which may be of interest for you.

Basam ELIA
After earning his PhD in applied semiconductor physics, Basam ELIA was a design and application engineer for over ten years working on microcontrollers and processers as well as embedded software. Basam’s experience in ST’s automotive systems team makes him uniquely able to provide interesting insight to today’s gateway applications.