[Webinar] Secure Bluetooth® pairing made easy with NFC

Secure Bluetooth® pairing made easy with NFC




Watch this 1-hour webinar recording to learn how Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities in mobile devices can be used to enhance the Bluetooth pairing experience.

Bluetooth is a popular short-range wireless communications standard used to connect smartphones, tablets and PCs to peripherals such as wireless headphones, printers and keyboards. Pairing connects two Bluetooth devices and allows them to mutually authenticate to establish a secure connection.

The pairing method offering the highest level of security and ease of use is Out of Band (OOB) pairing over Near Field Communication (NFC). With NFC, security credentials and device capabilities can be exchanged privately with just a simple tap – no user input required.

Why watch?

With virtually all mobile phones and many other devices now supporting NFC, interest in NFC-Bluetooth pairing has grown exponentially. This webinar will cover multiple implementations of NFC OOB pairing and the different security methods employed over the evolution of the Bluetooth spec.


  • Introduction to NFC technology and capabilities
  • Different methods of Bluetooth device pairing
  • How NFC works and the benefits it offers
  • Handover terms, types, and security
  • NFC product portfolio and development tools




Keith Walters joined ST in April of last year as a Marketing and Business Development Manager for our Memory portfolio, including both Standard EEPROM and NFC (Tags/D-Tags/Readers).

Keith graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a B.S.E.E. and M.S.E.E. specializing in radio frequency design and electromagnetics. He started as a design engineer and for 12 years performed EMC compliance testing, as well as developed embedded systems, wireless transceivers, and RFID readers. He also worked as an FAE supporting MCUs and NFC reader and tag applications.