Webinar | Discover ST's current sense amplifiers

ST's current sensing amplifiers


Current sensing is a crucial requirement in many different electronic systems and accurate current sensing is key to ensure application safety.

Current sense monitors measure current using only a shunt resistor and one IC, without needing other passives. ST’s TSC family of current monitors provides solutions for applications with a maximum voltage of 70V and for both high-/low-side and uni-/bi-directional current sensing.

You will learn

  • About the importance of current sensing in electronic systems and their added-value
  • About ST’s new current sensing devices
  • How to implement current sensing amplifiers in practical use-cases and how to use our support tools to do so


  • Overview of shunt-based current sensing
  • Introduction to ST's new products and portfolio
  • Practical implementations: use cases and applications
  • Support tools


Jiri Hladik

Jiri joined ST as an applications engineer for EMEA region in 2005 and is specialized in system architecture and has a deep understanding of the complete process to create electronic designs. His primary focus is on analog sensor interfaces with signal conditioning and power management. Jiri is based in Prague, Czech Republic.