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The ST-SENSOR-FINDER is a mobile application available for Android and iOS, offering a user-friendly alternative to searching through the MEMS and sensors online product portfolio, driving the user along a smooth and simple navigation experience.

In addition to standard product finder functions, the user can also quickly identify corresponding evaluation tools and explore typical applications with sensors in a few seconds.

The ST-SENSOR-FINDER features an intuitive parametric search using multiple criteria such as supply voltage, current consumption, operating temperature, package and other specific filters unique to the related product families.

The part number search is easily accessible from the main screen view and the wildcards help to show results of all matching part numbers.

Instant access to MEMS and sensors datasheets, key features and a summary of information is provided along with the possibility to download up-to-date technical documentation for offline consultation.

The ST SENSOR-FINDER app offers an immediate view of available samples and/or products to order online from ST distributors.

When a product is selected or saved in ‘My Favorites’ the user can manage the type of information to be shared, i.e. part number, description, key features, access to the main product page, the link to the datasheet online and a summary of the parameters.

The ST-SENSOR-FINDER connects the users with our ST communities and the most popular social platforms such as Facebook™, Twitter™, and YouTube™ channel.

The ST-SENSOR-FINDER can be found on Google Play or the App Store.

  • 所有功能

    • Mobile app available for Android and iOS phones
    • User-friendly interface
    • Intuitive product selection of:
      • MEMS和传感器
      • 评估工具
      • 应用
    • Parametric search using multiple filters
    • Part number search
    • Access to technical documentation
    • Online ordering from ST distributors
    • Management of favorite part numbers
    • Sharing via email or social media
    • Supported language: English (Chinese, Japanese and Korean are coming soon)