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2-Kbit MICROWIRE总线EEPROM,105°C工作温度




The M93C46 (1 Kbit), M93C56 (2 Kbit), M93C66 (4 Kbit), M93C76 (8 Kbit) and M93C86 (16 Kbit) are Electrically Erasable PROgrammable Memory (EEPROM) devices accessed through the MICROWIRE™ bus protocol. The memory array can be configured either in bytes (x8b) or in words (x16b).

The M93Cx6-DRE devices operate within a voltage supply range from 1.8 V to 5.5 V

The M93Cx6-DRE devices are guaranteed over the -40 °C/+105 °C temperature range and are compliant with the level of reliability defined by the AEC-Q100 grade 2.

  • 所有功能

    • Industry standard MICROWIRE™ bus
    • Memory array: 1 Kb, 2 Kb, 4 Kb, 8 Kb or 16 Kb
    • Dual organization: by word (x16) or byte (x8)
    • Write
      • Byte within 4 ms
      • Word within 4 ms
    • READY/BUSY signal during programming
    • 2 MHz clock rate
    • Sequential read operation
    • Single supply voltage: 1.8 V to 5.5 V
    • Extended temperature range: -40 °C up to 105 °C
    • Enhanced ESD protection
    • Write cycle endurance
      • 4 million Write cycles at 25 °C
      • 1.2 million Write cycles at 85 °C
      • 900 k Write cycle at 105°C
    • Data retention
      • more than 50 years at 105 °C
      • 200 years at 55 °C
    • Packages
      • RoHS-compliant and Halogen-free (ECOPACK2®)


STMicroelectronics - M93C56-DRE

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