STM32 ODE功能包

STM32 Function Packs are a combination of low-level drivers, middleware libraries and sample applications assembled into a single software package.

Used together with the suggested combination of STM32 Nucleo development boards and X-NUCLEO expansion boards, Function Packs help jump-start the implementation and the development of a number of “functions” - for example a gateway or a node in a wireless sensor network- in different domains:

Cloud connectivity, Networking, Security and Sensing

Function Packs leverage the modularity and interoperability of STM32 Nucleo development kits and X-NUCLEO expansion boards as well as STM32Cube and X-CUBE software – making up the STM32 Open Development Environment (ODE) ecosystem. Thanks to their clean code structure, packaging and abstraction used, they offer enhanced portability and easy integration with other STM32-centered tools.

The STM32 ODE Function Packs are delivered as pre-compiled binaries that can be used out-of-the box along with the source code and ready-to-be-built projects compatible with a wide range of development environments including IAR EWARM, Keil MDK or GCC-based IDEs for the selected STM32 Nucleo/X-NUCLEO expansion board stack.