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Micro 32位Power Architecture产品的智能选择器



Select the right Microcontroller for your application in just few clicks by using the smart selector for 32-bit MCUs Power Architecture. The identification of a device list perfectly matching your requirements has never been that easy and fast. It is enough to select just a few parameters related to the specific application, like processor core (among the e200z family), Flash Memory size (from 128 kBytes to 8 MBytes), processor frequency speed (from 48 MHz to 180 MHz), number of GPIO, number and type of Serial Interfaces (CAN, LIN, DSPI, Ethernet). The selection can be furthermore restricted by setting the application type (Networking, Safety Critical, Motor Control), temperature range, package or other functions.

After your selection you will be able to compare some of the Part Numbers matching your criteria: the tool allows to list the product features in a table, highlighting the differences.

  • 所有功能

    • Easy selection with intuitive menus
    • Compare function
    • Multilanguage option
    • Selection list exportable in Excel file
    • Send by “Mail” button, to send your selection URL address in a click