On-demand Webinar | MasterGaN Rides the New Wave of GaN Power

Register here to watch our one-hour webinar in replay and learn how the world's first 8x8 multizone Time-of-Flight ranging sensor enables innovative solutions to enhance your applications.

This one-hour webinar showcases the main features of our new FlightSense™ ranging sensor. The first multi-zone Time-of-Flight ranging sensor available on the market, the VL53L5CX can generate a 64-zone depth map with multi-target detection and distance measurement for each zone. In addition, it offers a wide 63° field of view, further enabling innovative new applications.

Following an overview of Time-of-Flight technology, we will describe the features and benefits of the VL53L5CX sensor and explain how this multi-zone ToF sensor can enable innovative applications able to detect and track multiple objects or people for advanced obstacle detection, robotics, people-counting, thermostat control, liquid level control, and gesture recognition solutions.

This on-demand session covers the following:

  • The principle of FlightSense™, ST's Time-of-Flight technology
  • The main features of the VL53L5CX and their advantages
  • How this multi-zone, wide 63° FoV sensor enables innovative applications
  • Comprehensive development tools including design resources and software code examples


Hervé, Thomas and Thomas will be available to answer your questions during the EMEA session whilst John and Dominique will cover the Q&A for the Americas session.

Hervé Grotard
Marketing manager

In charge of ST's strategy for Time-of-Flight sensors, Hervé has a keen sense for developing innovative solutions that create additional value for customer applications.

Thomas Viart
Marketing engineer

A key contributor to the development and promotion of Time-of-Flight sensors, Thomas works daily with developers and engineers to help bring their ideas to life.

Thomas Perotto
Application engineer

A Time-of-Flight technical expert, Thomas works on product development and validation to ensure the best possible designs for VL53L5CX applications.

John Kvam
Application engineer

He has over 40 years of experience in the development of software and sensors. John has worked in the fields of signal analysis, satellite communication, digital TV, and real-time applications. For the last few years John has dedicated his career to making Time-of-Flight a reality. He is ST’s first technical point of contact for applications such as laser assisted autofocus, object detection and ranging.

Dominique Barbier
Marketing manager

In charge of Imaging products, Dominique has over 20 years of experience into sensors. He has worked in the fields of MEMS, and imaging sensors. He spent many years working in the Application Field and later on in his career transferred to Marketing. He is responsible for Imaging Marketing for North and South America.