VL53L4CD - High accuracy Time-of-Flight proximity sensor


The VL53L4CD provides very accurate proximity detection and short-range measurements from 1 mm to 1300 mm. A new generation laser emitter with 18° FoV improves ambient light performance, with ranging speed up to 100 Hz.

The VL53L4CD features an autonomous mode with programmable distance threshold that allows very low power consumption, which is ideal for battery-powered applications. Its fully embedded on-chip processing allows lower power and less expensive microcontrollers for the same application, thus reducing design complexity and BOM costs.

The FlightSense technology in ST Time-of-Flight sensors allows the VL53L4CD to record absolute distance measurements regardless of target color and reflectance.

The VL53L4CD is housed in a miniature reflowable package with integrated single photon avalanche diode array for optimal ranging performance in a range of ambient lighting conditions using various cover glass materials. All ST ToF sensors integrate vertical cavity surface emitting lasers that emit a fully invisible 940 nm IR light that is totally safe for eyes (Class 1 certification).

Key features

  • High performance proximity sensor
  • From 0 to 1300 mm with full field of view (FoV)
  • Short distance linearity down to 1 mm
  • FoV of 18°
  • Autonomous low-power mode with programmable interrupt threshold to wake up host
  • Fast ranging frequency up to 100 Hz

Application examples

wall tracking and cliff detection for robotics Wall tracking and cliff detection for robotics
system activation and presence detection System activation and presence detection
touchless switch Touchless switch
access control Access control
smart faucets Sanitary (faucets, dispensers, etc.)
gesture Home appliances (thermostats, lighting control, etc.)
barcode readers Barcode readers
biometric distance applications Biometric distance applications

Recommended resources

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