650 V N-channel MDmesh DM6 Power MOSFET in a TO-LL package


First 650 V super-junction power MOSFET in SMD TO-LL package for an optimum trade-off between conduction and switching loss

The new 650 V MDmesh DM6 STPOWER MOSFET combines an extremely high dv/dt capability and improved intrinsic diode reverse recovery time with the additional Kelvin pin of the leadless package for higher system efficiency in the most demanding high-efficiency bridge topologies and ZVS phase-shift converters.

Key features of STO68N65DM6

  • Lower RDS(on) per area vs previous generation
  • Low gate charge, input capacitance and resistance
  • Extremely high dv/dt ruggedness
  • Excellent switching performance thanks to the extra driving source pin

Application example

servers Servers Telecom

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MDmesh™ DM6: the latest fast-recovery diode MOSFET series of ST's super-junction power MOSFET portfolio

Today's reference for full and half bridge topologies, our MDmesh DM6 series offers an optimized capacity profile and a life-long killing process that results in a low gate charge (Qg), very low recovery charge (Qrr), and a low recovery time (trr) as well as an excellent improvement of the RDS(on) per area.

This new fast-recovery diode MOSFET series turns its gaze towards new scenarios aiming at greater efficiency and very impressive power density for super robust power conversion topologies.

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