Digital combo multi-mode PFC and time-shift LLC resonant controller for AC and DC input lines


Highly integrated, efficient digital combo solution for LED lighting solutions handles both AC and DC input lines

A digital combo PFC & LLC controller featuring DC source management, the STNRG012 also includes a proprietary THD algorithm that ensures tight distortion control and very high conversion efficiency for compliance with the most stringent energy saving regulations.

Its ability to immediately transition between AC and DC voltage inputs makes it highly suitable for LED lighting applications with battery pack backup supplies often used for emergency lighting.

Key features

  • Embedded PFC + Resonant controllers
  • Management of both AC and DC input lines
  • Embedded 800V start-up circuit
  • Advanced THD optimizer manages critical distortion control for lighting applications
  • High parameter configurability in NVM memory
  • Enhanced burst mode at low load
  • SO20 package

Application examples

led lighting LED lighting
emergency lighting Emergency lighting
industrial equipment Industrial equipment
medical equipment Medical equipment

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Based on the STNRG012 digital multi-mode PFC and LLC resonant controller, the board's design ensures high efficiency, low power consumption at no load without an auxiliary supply, good power factor with low harmonic content, and reduced part count.

The board also has a full set of protection features including output overload, short-circuit, and overvoltage; all of which can be easily defined as latched or auto-restart, by simply changing a value in the non-volatile memory of the controller.