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IIS2ICLX - Inclinometer for Industrial Applications

iis2iclx inclinometer with embedded machine learning

2-axis, high-accuracy inclinometer with embedded machine learning

The high-accuracy IIS2ICLX two-axis digital accelerometer is ideal for structural health monitoring and inclination measurements in Industry 4.0 applications. It combines high stability and repeatability, low noise, and ultra-low-power with support for Artificial Intelligence at the Edge. It is included in ST's 10-year longevity program.

Key features of IIS2ICLX

  • 2-axis, I²C/SPI digital output interface
  • Selectable full scale: ±0.5/±1/±2/±3 g
  • Ultra-low noise (15 μg/√Hz)
  • Programmable bandwidth, up to 260 Hz
  • Low power (0.4 mA)
  • Programmable machine-learning core & finite state machines, sensor hub and FIFO
  • Extended range: from -40 to +105 °C

Application examples

structural health monitoring Structural health monitoring
forklift Inclinometers for industrial vehicles
antenna pointing Antenna pointing and monitoring
leveling Platform leveling
solar panel Installation and monitoring of equipment
robotics Robotics and industrial automation

How to test & prototype with IIS2ICLX

Start testing the capabilities and features of IIS2ICLX thanks to our dedicated development kit:

inclinometer sensor evaluation board


The STEVAL-MKI209V1K evaluation board has an embedded IIS2ICLX inclinometer sensor, which is connected through flat cable to a simple adapter board (STEVAL-MKIGIBV2) to render it compatible with STEVAL-MKI109V3.

Get the right angle with machine learning industrial inclinometer

webinar machine learning industrial inclinometer

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Webinar summary
  • Angle measurements for Industrial and Structural Health Monitoring applications
  • Inclination angle measurement theory
  • Inclinometer details, accuracy and development tools
  • Machine Learning Core inside Inclinometer
  • Summary and key links for more information

Static and Dynamic Inclinometers for Industrial Applications

webinar high precision inclinometer

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Webinar summary
  • How to select the right sensor for your application
  • The principal parameters affecting accuracy
  • ST tools for rapid development and evaluation
  • About the Machine Learning Core (MLC) feature