Predict battery life and power consumption

Simulation tool even considers firmware when estimating battery life and power consumption

IoT developers can build virtual prototypes in a collaborative environment to balance battery life, performance and cost in the earliest stages of the design cycle. You can reduce trial-and-error work time down to just a few days.



  • Build simple schematics and firmware inputs in minutes
  • Quickly generate reliable estimates of:
    • Battery life
    • System power consumption
    • Bill of materials costs

Use the GUI to set up your hardware and firmware design

Simply drag-and-drop ST ICs and electrical components into your schematic design. After you have consolidated the design with desired parameters, you can use the same straightforward approach to build the firmware using visual programming blocks.

Accurately predict battery life and power consumption

The tool implements a patented modelling technology with components and battery models with high accuracy. The user interface displays comprehensive results, graphs, and tables covering a variety of detailed information.