TU-Automotive Detroit 2018

Thank you for visiting us at this year’s TU-Automotive 2018 in Novi, Michigan.

While you were there you saw the following featured ST products:

Automotive Precise Positioning
ST’s Teseo APP (Automotive Precise Positioning) receiver is the world’s first multi-frequency satellite-navigation receiver chipset suitable for safety-critical automotive applications and high accuracy positioning at the decimeter and centimeter-level for PPP (Precise Point Positioning) and RTK (Real Time Kinematic) applications. Our 6-axes and safety rated inertial modules are paired with Teseo to provide precise vehicle positioning information in areas where connection to satellites is impeded, such as between tall buildings and in parking structures. Applications include: Lane Departure Detection, Highway Autopilot/Adaptive Cruise Control, Valet/Automatic Parking, Data Mining with Driver and Road Profiling, Autonomous Driving and more!

Security for Connectivity
ST is a pioneer in eSIM technologies. First to certify GSMA v3.1 compliant eSIM in the world. The solutions are built on ARM SecurCore SC300 to offer additional Security for Connectivity. AEC-Q100 qualified, these platforms bring high conformance to automotive industry standards. ST’s eSIM technology has been tested with various RSP servers across multiple carriers for interoperability and widely deployed.

ST NFC for Automotive
Through a dedicated PC GUI interface, the ready-to-use ST NFC for Automotive evaluation board allows users to configure and evaluate ST25R features and performances. The ST25R features such as high-output power and efficiency, automatic antenna tuning, inductive and capacitive wake-up, low-power consumptions, among others, make the ST NFC AEC-Q100 certified readers ideal for challenging environments. ST NFC for Automotive enhances user experience through secure and convenient car access and engine start, body control system secure pairing to customize the driving experience, cable-free diagnostics and more.

Future-Proof Security for Automotive Systems
SecureRF and STMicroelectronics have partnered to provide Future-Proof Security for Automotive Systems, a high-performance security solution for intra-vehicle communications.  The solution addresses low-resource connected devices and ensures firmware integrity, data protection, and endpoint authentication for TCUs and ECUs. This system delivers 90x faster runtimes, small ROM/RAM footprint, and lower energy use when compared with ECC. SecureRF protocols on the ST Chorus family of automotive general purpose MCUs are secure against all known quantum computer attacks.

OTA Software Update Solution
Airbiquity’s OTAmatic™ software and data management solution is integrated into ST’s Telemaco3 telematics processors for efficient, secure, and scalable connected vehicle software updates and data collection. Providing an industry leading OTA Software Update Solution, the interoperability of Airbiquity OTA software and cloud service delivery on ST telematics processors yields high- performance and high- bandwidth connectivity for multiple ECU software updates.

Hybrid Software Defined Radio (H-SDR)
STMicroelectronics joined forces with TI to build a world class 6-channel receiver for analog and digital broadcast services. The Hybrid Software Defined Radio (H-SDR) that runs on the external ST Advanced Radio part TDA7707, includes full AM/FM library of all analog use cases required by OEMs. All the digital service (i.e. DAB & HD) decoders are included in TI’s Jacinto 6 system-on-chip processor. The ST digital output tuners are used to provide stable digitized IF I/Q data to the Jacinto chip to decode all the desired digital broadcast services. ST TDA7707 provides the analog AM/FM audio output to Jacinto chip. The Jacinto chip executes the Automatic Audio Alignment between digital broadcast services audio and AM/FM audio for smooth transition between them.

Global Shutter Imager
The ST High Dynamic Range Global Shutter Imager is an automotive grade sensor ideal for driver monitoring systems. Our 1.6 & 2.4 Mp versions have 3.2 μ pixel, 95dB, low noise, low dark current, and ultra-low cross talk. ST solution is best in class with its Programmable Region of Interest, Multi Contexts with Fast Frame Sswitching for computer vision includes, Head Pose Detection, Eyelids Analysis, Gaze Direction, Driver Identification. The ST Global Shutter Imager has ASIL inside which performs a risk analysis of a potential hazard by looking at the severity, exposure and controllability of the vehicle operating scenario.

Silicon Carbide (SiC) Inverter
STMicroelectronics, Silicon Carbide (SiC) Inverter is used in traction inverters for electric vehicles and replaces insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBT) in automotive applications. It offers higher efficiency and, at a smaller size. It contributes to increased range in electric or hybrid electric vehicles.

Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS)
The Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS) combines ST automotive processors and full digital power amplifiers with audio software from Areus. It creates an engine sound for small downsized engines or electric vehicles using the ST Telemaco2 processor with enhanced audio/DSP features for maximal flexibility and scalability in audio design. Its state-of-the art full digital power amplifier architecture gives very high-voltage compatibility and speaker monitoring.

We look forward to seeing you next year’s annual TU-Automotive Detroit show!