Strengthening MCU Device Security with the STM32U5

Join us for 1-hour webinar to learn about advanced device security for a connected world with the STM32U5 MCU


This webinar was broadcasted Tuesday, October 12th 2021

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With more devices being connected, microcontrollers must now be able to provide the highest level of embedded security to end products developed by embedded developers.

The new STM32U5 features enhanced security peripherals that can prevent unwanted data breaches and attacks to protect firmware and sensitive data.

Join this webinar for an overview of the new STM32U5 microcontroller and the security IPs included to maximize protection. We will discuss the new password protection debug functionality for readout protection (RDP) levels, and describe the updated TrustZone Controller, which provides additional threat isolation with SRAM memory blocks. We will also review the secure advanced encryption standard (SAES) hardware accelerator block, which can be used for key storage and is resistant to side channel attacks.


  • Introduction to the new STM32U5 microcontroller family for connected IoT applications
  • Overview of the flexible life cycle scheme with RDP and password protected debug
  • Detailing Enhanced Key Storage utilizing the Hardware Unique Key (HUK)
  • Cryptography IP improvements, including side channel protections

There will be a live Q&A session at the end of the webinar where ST's experts will be available to answer your questions.


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Tim Nakonsut

Tim Nakonsut is a Staff Product Marketing Engineer for STMicroelectronics who began at ST in 2006 as an Applications Engineer for microcontrollers, MEMS, and touch sensors, and moved on to dedicated microcontroller support in 2014. Tim holds a BS in Computer Engineering from San Jose State University.

Bob Waskeiwicz

Bob Waskeiwicz is an Applications Principle Engineer with STMicroelectronics, and has been supporting STM32 devices for the past 14 years, with considerable focus on Arm® Cortex® core microcontrollers, ranging from M0 through to M7 cores, and the Cortex® M33 core with TrustZone. Bob graduated from Virginia Tech with a BSEE and has over 30 years of experience working on embedded designs.

Gregory Proehl

Gregory Proehl is a Senior Product Marketing Engineer with STMicroelectronics. He supports and promotes STM8 and STM32 products in the industrial market, and is responsible for the STM32Trust security framework. He has worked at ST as a Field Application Engineer and Applications Manager for Digital Video, Marketing for NFC, and Marketing for Secure Microcontrollers. Greg earned his M.S. in Electrical Engineering from University of Illinois at Chicago.


Product details

Full documentation including datasheets, reference manuals and application notes can be found on the STM32U5 product page. Additional design collaterals such as board schematics, firmware examples and product tools can also be found here.