STM32F7 hands-on seminar

STM32F7 Seminar STM32F7 MCUs: The world's first ARM® Cortex®-M7-based 32-bit microcontrollers, setting the benchmark in performance


Join our free SM32F7 hands-on seminar. Discover how the STM32F7's ARM Cortex-M7 core and new peripheral set bring high performance to your most demanding applications. 

During the sessions you will learn how to:

  • increase the competitiveness of your applications leveraging the performance of the STM32F7 MCUs with DSP functionality
  • take full advantage of the STM32 ecosystem to kickstart your application development and reduce time-to-market 

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Seminar Agenda

9:00 Introduction

9:30 Presentation of ARM® Cortex®-M7 core 

  • New core architecture boosts processing performance 
  • Benefits of the L1 cache
  • Memory Protection Unit

10:30 STM32F7 Architecture and New Peripherals 

11:00 Hands-on workshop with STM32F7 Discovery kit

  • Performance tuning
  • CoreMark results with different system topology 

12:00 Lunch

13:00 DSP corner

  • Brief introduction to DSP algorithm optimization
  • FFT hands-on
  • DSP for measurement, motor control or power management applications 

14:00 Building a USB oscilloscope/spectrum analyzer 

  • Device configuration with STM32CubeMX initialization code generator
  • Using the STM32 abstraction layer and a set of middleware components including USB stack 

16:00 Embedded Graphics 

  • Chrome-Art demonstration

17:00 Q&A, End

Note: Paris seminar contains a second day, focusing on professional graphics solutions

Seminar Place and Dates

City Date Status
Kista June 2, 2015  Closed
Dortmund June 10, 2015 Closed
Gothenburg June 11, 2015 Closed
Paris June 17&18, 2015 (*) Closed
Munich June 23, 2015 Closed
Milan July 1, 2015 Closed
Frankfurt July 15, 2015 Closed
Copenhagen/Malmoe September 1, 2015 Closed
Kolding September 2, 2015 Closed
Helsinki September 8, 2015 Closed
Gdansk September 15, 2015 Closed
Warsaw September 16, 2015 Closed
Krakow September 17, 2015 Closed
Grenoble September 22, 2015 Closed
Hamburg September 22, 2015 Closed
Manchester September 22, 2015 Closed
Berlin September 23, 2015 Closed
Warwick September 23, 2015 Closed
Zürich September 23, 2015 Closed
Cambridge September 24, 2015 Closed
Milan September 24, 2015 Closed
Wroclaw September 29, 2015 Closed
Brussels September 29, 2015 Closed
Gliwice September 30, 2015 Closed
Zielona Gora September 30, 2015 Closed
Eindhoven September 30, 2015 Closed
Dublin September 30, 2015 Closed
Rzeszow October 1, 2015 Closed
Poznan October 1, 2015 Closed
Prague October 6, 2015 Registration open
Naples October 7, 2015 Registration open
Stuttgart October 13, 2015 Closed

(*) Paris seminar contains a second day, focusing on professional graphics solutions

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