ST solutions for Sigfox asset-tracking applications

Building Sigfox asset-tracking applications using our ultra-low-power S2-LP RF transceiver 1-hour webinar

Wednesday, 22nd May 2019

3:00 pm CEST (Europe) 

During this one-hour webinar we will introduce solutions for developing Sigfox asset-tracking applications based on our ultra-low-power S2-LP RF transceiver.

We will highlight the advantages of using the high-performance S2-LP which has received the Sigfox Verified certification for the Radio Configurations 1 and 2 and also supports Monarch features which ensures seamless communication between devices across continents.

In addition, you will discover ST's complete portfolio for asset-tracking applications including our wide range of motion and environmental sensors.

There will also be an update on the Sigfox certification process to clarify costs for developers.

Webinar schedule and registration

  • May 22nd, 2019 at 3:00 pm CEST 

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  • Overview of ST's complete product portfolio for cost-effective Sigfox asset-tracking applications
  • Discussion about finding the best Sigfox configuration based on real-world use cases
  • New information about the updated Sigfox certification process and how the Monarch feature enables IoT devices to seamlessly move and communicate across continents
  • Overview of the ST S2-LP hardware and software development ecosystem for helping developers design Monarch-enabled devices for global roaming solutions
  • Getting started with your design using our Sub-1 GHz 868 MHz RF expansion board based on S2-LP radio for STM32 Nucleo (X-NUCLEO-S2868A1).


A wireless application engineer at ST, Philippe SIMONNET has over 20 years' experience in wireless system design and support (Mobile radio, 2G & 3G cellular, and license-free sub-GHz systems).


Yannick MENET joined Sigfox more than 2 years ago as Director, Ecosystem & Partners. Besides handling relationship with Sigfox partners, he is also business owner for the certification offer targeting such ecosystem



Product details

The S2-LP is a high performance ultra-low power RF transceiver, intended for RF wireless applications in the sub-1 GHz band. It is designed to operate in both the license-free ISM and SRD frequency bands at 433, 512, 868 and 920 MHz.

The S2-LP has extremely low current consumption especially in Transmit mode which is suitable for battery-operated applications. Moreover, the S2-LP is Sigfox-certified for all radio configurations.