ST BlueNRG Bluetooth Low Energy 2021 Webinar Series

ST BlueNRG Bluetooth® Low Energy 2021 Webinar Series


BlueNRG-LP: 5.2 Certified Bluetooth® Low Energy SoC Ecosystem


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The BlueNRG-LP is an ultra-low power programmable Bluetooth® Low Energy wireless SoC solution. It embeds STMicroelectronics’s state-of-art 2.4 GHz RF radio IPs combining unparalleled performance with extremely long-battery lifetime. It is compliant with Bluetooth® Low Energy SIG core specification version 5.2 addressing point-to-point connectivity and Bluetooth Mesh networking and allows large-scale device networks to be established in a reliable way. The BlueNRG-LP is also suitable for 2.4 GHz proprietary radio wireless communication to address ultra-low latency applications.

You will learn:

The aim of this webinar series is not only to introduce the whole ecosystem but also to take the developers in entire BLE based application development journey.

In 2021 Edition of this webinar series, we will discuss BlueNRG-LP device ecosystem, Hardware and Software tools, Mesh Solution and developing hardware. 


Part 1: February 18th (Thursday) | 11:30 am Indian Standard Time (UTC+05:30) BlueNRG-LP: 5.2 Certified Bluetooth Low Energy SoC Ecosystem
Part 2: March 4th (Thursday) | 11:30 am Indian Standard Time (UTC+05:30) Develop your application with BlueNRG
Part 3: March 18th (Thursday) | 11:30 am Indian Standard Time (UTC+05:30) BlueNRG SIG Mesh: A network for connecting BLE enabled devices
Part 4: April 1st (Thursday) | 11:30 am Indian Standard Time (UTC+05:30) Design, test and certify BlueNRG RF Hardware



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Vishal Goyal (Group Technical Marketing Manager)

Vishal Goyal is a Group Technical Marketing Manager for STMicroelectronics. He is responsible for RF and Analog custom products in ASEAN, Australia, New Zealand, and India, and has held this position since 2015. Besides, he also look after Marketing for Industrial Segment for Asia since 2019. Goyal started his career at STMicroelectronics India in 2002 as a Design Engineer in Central Research and Development. In 2007, he joined the Marketing department and was responsible for Analog products for India. Goyal was appointed Senior Marketing Manager of Analog, MEMS, and Sensors for India market in 2013, and his mandate was expanded to include ASEAN, Australia, and New Zealand in 2015. Goyal actively supports customers on the full IoT product-development cycle and helps develop the ST ecosystem in collaboration with customers, ODMs, design houses, EMS’, and distributors. Goyal has published more than 40 technical articles around the world.

Alok Mittal (Senior Group Manager)

Senior Group Manager with SRA-System Applications and Integration Lab is the leader of the team responsible for development of ST's BLE-Mesh solution. He actively supports customers on the Electronic System design applications around IoT.

Mohit Arora (Advisor - Technical Marketing)

Mohit Arora is an electronics and communication engineer with over 11 years of experience spanning across product development, technical marketing and field applications His experience involved working with Radio frequency products, MCUs, Sensors, Mixed signal systems, Interfaces, power systems and Isolation. He has worked with various customers in domains of Industrial, medical, consumer, defense and aerospace. He is currently working as a with the ST PDSA group specializing for ST Low Power RF products.

Product details:

The BlueNRG-LP embeds a Cortex®-M0+ microcontroller that can operate up to 64 MHz and also the BlueNRG core coprocessor (DMA based) for Bluetooth Low Energy timing critical operations.

The main Bluetooth® Low Energy 5.2 specification supported features are:

2 Mbps data rate, long range (Coded PHY), advertising extensions, channel selection algorithm #2, GATT caching, hardware support for simultaneous connection, master/slave and multiple roles simultaneously, extended packet length support.

In addition, the BlueNRG-LP provides enhanced security hardware support by dedicated hardware functions:

True random number generator (RNG), encryption AES maximum 128-bit security co-processor, public key accelerator (PKA), CRC calculation unit, 48-bit unique ID, Flash memory read and write protection.

The BlueNRG-LP can be configured to support standalone or network processor applications. In the first configuration, the BlueNRG-LP operates as single device in the application for managing both the application code and the Bluetooth Low Energy stack.

The BlueNRG-LP embeds high-speed and flexible memory types:

Flash memory of 256 kB, RAM memory of 64 kB, one-time-programmable (OTP) memory area of 1 kB, ROM memory of 7 kB.

Direct data transfer between memory and peripherals and from memory-to-memory is supported by eight DMA channels with a full flexible channel mapping by the DMAMUX peripheral.

The BlueNRG-LP embeds a 12-bit ADC, allowing measurements of up to eight external sources and up to three internal sources, including battery monitoring and a temperature sensor.

The BlueNRG-LP has a low-power RTC and one advanced 16-bit timer.

The BlueNRG-LP features standard and advanced communication interfaces:

1x SPI, 2x SPI/I2S, 1x LPUART, 1x USART supporting ISO 7816 (smartcard mode), IrDA and Modbus mode, 2x I2C supporting SMBus/PMBus, 1x channel PDM.

The BlueNRG-LP operates in the -40 to +105 °C temperature range from a 1.7 V to 3.6 V power supply. A comprehensive set of power-saving modes enables the design of low-power applications.

The BlueNRG-LP integrates a high efficiency SMPS step-down converter and an integrated PDR circuitry with a fixed threshold that generates a device reset when the VDD drops under 1.65 V.

The BlueNRG-LP comes in different package versions supporting up to:

32 I/Os for the QFN48 package, 20 I/Os for the QFN32 package, 30 I/Os for the WCSP49 package.