ST and AVNET Joint Seminar

ST and AVNET Joint Seminar
Date: 27 June
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Venue: Grand Victoria Hotel, Grand Ballroom, 1F (No.168, Jingye 4th Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is often described as the third IT revolution after personal computer (PC) and the Internet. After years of evolution, the technology has matured and its applications are rapidly emerging. In order to fulfill an even smarter vision, front-end technologies for equipment connectivity will serve as the core in the bottom layer as only fast, accurate and seamless communications can help shape a smart life.

RFID and NFC will be some of the most important wireless communication technologies for IoT infrastructure. NFC technologies have been widely used in wearables and mobile devices. RFID has an even wider application range as it can be seen in access control, healthcare, transportation and logistics. Thanks to their powerless features and capabilities for contactless connectivity, NFC and RFID will stimulate more innovations of IoT systems and drive growth in the market.

ST as a global semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications, has long been investing in the development of RFID and NFC technologies. To help partners in Taiwan better understand latest RFIC/NFC technologies and variety applications in IoT, ST and AVNET will host a seminar on June 27, 2018 (Wednesday) and invite industry insiders to explore the trends, applications and latest advancements of IoT. Products and solutions will also be demonstrated on-site to help participants understand our portfolio and the business opportunities.






Guest Reception



Welcome Remark

Jerry Chen
Sales Director, STMicroelectronics


Smart Device with Energy Harvesting Design and Application

Kenneth Huang
Strategy Marketing Manager, STMicroelectronics


Demo and Break Time



NFC in Internet of Things

Zhi Chang Lin
Founder of Tapbee


NFC Reader/ Tag Antenna Design and Measurement

Eddie Wu
Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer, STMicroelectronics


STM32 Family Product Introduction and Application Developments

Daniel Wang
Technical Marketing Section Manager, STMicroelectronics


STSAFE - Secure your IoT Devices

Jessica Yen
Technical Marketing Manager, STMicroelectronics