PWM Signal Generation with NFC

Pulse Width Modulation Signal Generation using ST's NFC Dynamic Tag IC

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Discover how you can use NFC technology to generate PWM signals for applications ranging from lighting to motor control.

Watch the 1-hour webinar replay to learn about a unique IC solution that allows PWM signal generation via Near Field Communication (NFC) interface. We will also cover some baseline fundamentals of NFC, and introduce STMicroelectronics' complete NFC portfolio.

The session will show you how the ST25DV-PWM series of Dynamic NFC Tags can be used for a wide variety of application segments including industrial and consumer lighting, motor control, audio generation, brand protection, physical access, and more.

You will learn:

  • Duty cycles and frequency generated by the ST25DV-PWM
  • Mechanism of Digital Signature Feature
  • How to use the ST25DV-PWM as an NFC secure switch


John Tran is a Field Application Engineer with a BS in physics from Virginia Tech University, where he studied semiconductor and high-temperature superconductor technologies. John has over 20 years of experience in the electronics industry. His early experiences ranged from complex system-on-chip to secure and standard microcontrollers. He has been with ST for over 12 years and currently specializes in NFC technologies.    

More about STMicroelectronics' NFC/RFID technology and product portfolio

Near Field Communication (NFC) began as a specialized subset of the 13.56 MHz RFID technology in 2002.

Initially used for access control and public transport payment cards, the integration into credit / debit cards and smartphones is driving rapid growth not only for payment but also as an always-on radio link for simple pairing, diagnostic readout, parameter programming and much more.

One of the pioneers of RFID and NFC technology, ST offers a comprehensive range, covering all NFC application needs, supported by a rich ecosystem. The devices include NFC / RFID tags, Dynamic NFC tags, NFC / RFID readers & NFC controllers including secure element for secure NFC applications and turnkey solutions.

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