Little Box Challenge

Welcome to the Little Box Challenge!

ST is excited to support the Little Box Challenge presented by Google and the IEEE Power Electronics Society  to accelerate innovation in power inverter design. Competitors taking up this challenge can discover how ST’s portfolio of SiC devices can help increase the power density and efficiency of their power inverter design.

On this page you will find details on ST’s SiC product portfolio, associated design resources, sample requests and online technical support to make your design as smooth as possible.

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Good luck to all!


ST’s SiC product offering

Leveraging the advanced and innovative properties of wide bandgap materials, ST offers a portfolio of 650 V to 1200 V silicon carbide diodes featuring zero recovery time and a 1200V SiC MOSFET featuring the industry’s highest temperature handling capability of 200 °C and very low RDS(on) * area..

SiC Diode main features and benefits:

  • Low forward conduction losses and low switching losses leading to higher efficiency and the possibility to increase switching frequency
  • Soft switching behavior resulting in low ECM impact
  • High forward surge capability for high robustness and possibility to reduce the diode’s current rating
  • High power-integration (dual SiC diodes) reducing the  BOM cost

SiC MOSFET main features and benefits:

  • Industry’s highest temperature handling capability (Tj max = 200 °C) leading to reduced PCB form factors (simplified thermal management) as well as improved system reliability
  • Significantly reduced switching losses (minimal variation versus temperature) resulting in more compact designs (with smaller passive components)
  • Low on-state resistance (80 mΩ typ @ 25 °C) for higher system efficiency (reduced cooling requirements)
  • Simple to drive (cost-effective network driving)
  • Very fast and robust intrinsic body diode (no need for external freewheeling diode, thus more compact systems)


Conquering your design challenges

In addition to SiC devices, ST also offers a wide portfolio of silicon devices covering all inverter design functions.

These include:


Use our design resources

You can access the complete list of design resources available such as evaluation boards, spice models, application notes and design tips through the product selectors  on the individual product folder pages:

SiC Diode selector    

SiC MOSFET selector



Let us help you

Let our SiC team of experts help  with design problems you are facing. Tell us what you need by submitting your request using the form below. ( Make sure to add “Little Box Challenge” in the Title field of the form)

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