Discover integrated HMI solutions for embedded processing

ST, Candera, and DH electronics have built integrated, user-friendly solutions to help you speed up your time to market


This webinar was broadcasted on May 19th, 2022

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Hosted by ST Authorized Partner DH electronics, this webinar will show you how to turn a simple graphics file into a fully-functional 3D Human Machine Interface (HMI). The solution is based on the STM32MP1-based hardware by DH electronics and Candera’s award-winning Smart Importer for embedded GUI solutions.

Why attend

With this webinar, you will learn about two ST Authorized Partners, who can provide an integrated hardware and software environment to boost the development of your next industrial HMI solution.

Who should attend

Hardware and software engineers, and GUI designers, who are looking for ways to reduce time-to-market for their HMIs.

You will learn

  • About DH electronics and Candera and their partnership with ST
  • About ST’s value proposition for the hardware and software solutions offered by the partner companies
  • How to easily create 2D and 3D HMIs with the help of CGI Studio
  • How to quickly develop a prototype for your HMI based on the Avenger96 development board
  • How to switch from the prototype to a fully-integrated HMI solution
  • What the collaboration between ST, DH electronics, and Candera can bring to customers


  • Candera: company presentation and HMI tool "CGI Studio" intro
  • Demo: how to create a HMI
  • DH electronics: company presentation
  • Hardware for HMI solutions based on STM32MP1 MPU
  • Showcase 3D HMIs
  • Demo: coffee machine
  • Industrial Robotic Application
  • Conclusion



Stefan Gonzo

Stefan Gonzo is an experienced hardware developer and the responsible Product Manager for the HMI product family (DHMI) at DH electronics. Stefan looks back on several years of experience in the development of embedded products and is the first contact person for our customers when it comes to our HMI solutions. As Stefan is constantly in contact with customers, he has an excellent understanding of the needs and requirements of the embedded market and also incorporates this experience into the design of new devices.

David Aberl

David Aberl is Head of Product Management at Candera. David brings years of experiences in different software-based markets, from cloud computing over industrial electronics to embedded HMIs. As Head of Product Management at Candera GmbH he holds a key position within the development of the company’s HMI design tools, with CGI Studio as its flagship model.


Product details

Individual embedded products and services by DH electronics: System on Modules, Human Machine Interfaces, IoT Gateways.
Performant design tool for your embedded HMI by Candera.