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Date: 19-22 September
Conference Venue: Università degli Studi di MILANO – BICOCCA, Italy
Piazza dell'Ateneo Nuovo, 1 - Milan

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One of the top 5 conferences from both the IEEE Solid-state Circuits Society and Electron Devices Society, ESSCIRC – ESSDERC is the annual European forum that brings together the scientific community to discuss recent advances in solid-state circuits, devices and systems. Keynotes, paper presentations, joint sessions, workshops, and tutorials will cover all aspects of advanced circuits, devices, and systems.

STMicroelectronics confirmed its Diamond sponsorship for the 2022 edition. We are contributing with multiple authoritative research papers, and are members of the Organizing Committee and the Technical Program Committee.

The opening keynote of the conference, dedicated to “The next Automation Age: How Semiconductor Technologies Are Changing Industrial Systems and Applications”, will be delivered by Domenico Arrigo, ST’s General Manager, Industrial & Power Conversion, Analog & MEMS Group and accompanied by a paper. We also have a demo table in the exhibition hall!

This year’s edition is back to in-person format, offering an excellent opportunity to network, share knowledge and reconnect with peers and friends. Save the date in September and join our ST experts, including many women scientists!ime (CET)

Date Time (CET) Title Speakers
21 Sept 11:10 Joint Plenary – Keynote (B3L-1)
The next Automation Age: How Semiconductor Technologies Are Changing Industrial Systems and Applications
Domenico Arrigo
ST Presenter
Workshops & Tutorials
19 Sept 10:40 IPCEI workshop: Reliability of SiC power module in Automotive Applications Alessandro Sitta, Angelo Messina
ST presenters
19 Sept 10:50 Workshop and Tutorial Smart Power Technologies and Applications Low-power analog circuits for Wake-up Radio in IoT nodes Andrea Veggetti
ST Presenter
19 Sept 11:30 Workshop and Tutorial Smart Power Technologies and Applications Hall-effect sensors in BCD10 Marcella Carissimi
ST presenter
19 Sept 14:15 Workshop and Tutorial Wafer-level 3D Stacked Imagers: Technologies and Sensors Architectures 3D stacking meets 3D imaging: Vertically Integrated SPAD Sensor Architectures Helene Wehbe-Alause
ST presenter
19 Sept 16:15 Embedded Artificial Intelligence (EAI) – Devices, Systems and Industrial Applications
“Artificial Intelligence: the impact in the semiconductor world”
Sara Loi
ST presenter ;
Paper presentations
20 Sept 11:10 Paper presentation (A3L-5) Resistive Memory Based in-memory Compute Session An Embedded PCM Peripheral Unit Adding Analog MAC In-Memory Computing Feature Addressing Non-Linearity and Time Drift Compensation Alessio Antolini, ST paper presenter
20 Sept 14:30 Paper presentation (A5L-4) Memory Devices Session Characterization of Reset State Through Energy Activation Study in Ge-GST Based ePCM Matteo Baldo, ST paper presenter
20 Sept 14:30 Paper presentation (A5L-4) Memory Devices Session Enhanced Thermal Confinement in Phase-Change Memory Targeting Current Reduction Clement De Camaret, ST paper presenter
20 Sept 16:50 Paper Presentation (A8L-3) RF Circuits Techniques Session A Low-Loss 77 GHz Sub-Sampling Passive Mixer Integrated in a 28-nm CMOS Radar Receiver Alexandre Flete, presenter, former ST PhD Philippe Cathelin, ST co-author
21 Sept 9:20 Paper Presentation (B2L-5) Sensors Device Modelling Session A Self-Sustaining Single Photon Avalanche Diode Model Sven Rink, ST paper presenter;
21 Sept 9:20 Paper Presentation (B2L-5) Sensors Device Modeling Session On the Convergence of the Recurrence Solution of Mcintyre’s Local and Non-Local Avalanche Triggering Probability Equations for SPAD Compact Models Dorian Saint-Pierre – Speaker Remi Helleboid, Denis Rdeau, ST co-authors
21 Sept 12:00 Paper Presentation (B4L-4) Image Sensors Session Statistical Measurements and Monte-Carlo Simulations of DCR in SPADs Mathieu Sicre, ST paper presenter
21 Sept 12:00 Paper Presentation (B4L-6) Memory & On-Chip Sensing Session An Extended Temperature Range ePCM Memory in 90-nm BCD for Smart Power Applications Marcella Carissimi, ST paper presenter
22 Sept 11:00 Paper Presentation (C5L-6) Medical Imaging Session A PMUT Transceiver Front-End with 100-V TX Driver and Low-Noise Voltage Amplifier in BCD-SOI Technology Lara Novaresi, ST paper presenter


Several ST experts and scientists are involved in the Conference with diverse Committee roles: Andrea Redaelli, Denis Rideau, Paras Garg, Marco Zamprogno, Philippe Cathelin, Sylvain Clerc, Giulio Ricotti, Nitin Chawla, Sara Pellegrini, and Cedric Tubert.Davide Pandini is ESSCIRC Track Co-Chair, while Andreia Cathelin is part of the Steering Committee and General Co-Chair of ESSCIRC-ESSDERC 2023.

Several ST experts will also be acting as Chairman in several sessions: Andrea Redaelli, Denis Rideau, Davide Pandini, Sara Pellegrini, Marco Zamprogno.