Enlit Europe 2022

Enlit Europe 2022 when and where
Father and son using tablet in kitchen looking at ceiling lamp

Date: November 29 - December 1, 2022

Venue: Messe Frankfurt Strasse der Nationen, 60486, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

ST location: Halls 11 and 12 - Portalhaus Entrance

Shaping the future of energy management together

Talk with experts and professionals about our ecosystems and integrated solutions for energy efficiency and grid digitalization.

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See ST technologies and partner solutions for key markets

Showcasing the ecosystems and integrated solutions for energy efficiency and grid digitalization to help our customers ensure sustainability and resilience for a safer and more secure future.
Energy distribution innovation in EV charging

Discover the semiconductor technologies enabling higher power-conversion efficiency, safety, and flexible operation in the latest EV charging solutions.
PV inverters and panels for sustainable energy generation

Pushing conversion efficiency and power density in more compact and cost-effective inverters across centralized and distributed systems for connected photovoltaic arrays.
Smart home evolution with gateway systems
Smart home electricity gateway control panel

Integrated microcontrollers and power management ICs combined with multiple communication interfaces for comprehensive energy management across homes and buildings.
Grid digitalization and high accuracy metering
Smart meter digital electricity meter

In collaboration with key utilities, manufacturers, industrial alliances, and standardization bodies​, ST is driving development in high-end metering and the transformation to the digital grid.