Webinar - Technologies for Key e-Mobility Systems

Examine the critical role that semiconductor technology plays in ensuring electric vehicles travel further, charge faster, and last longer


This webinar was broadcast on November 30th, 2021


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The objective of this one-hour on-demand webinar is to give attendees an intuitive feel for the types of design challenges that they will encounter in battery-operated products, and electric vehicles in particular.

We will not provide a cavalcade of product-oriented slideware or a traditional product pitch. We will mention some specific part numbers and product families, but this type of content is not emphasized. Suffice to say that STMicroelectronics has had great success providing engineers with products that address system requirements well. As you encounter these systems or others with similar requirements, we would expect you to think about ST's offerings.

Instead, we are going to examine the key systems in an electric vehicle application, especially those that have the greatest impact on consumer concerns like "range anxiety" and reliability. To do this, we will zero in on battery charging (both the OBC and EVSE), the battery management unit (with emphasis on a basic understanding of Lithium-Ion battery chemistry) and the traction drive.

This webinar will cover:

  • Energy conversion systems (OBC, EVSE)
  • Energy storage (Lithium-Ion battery characteristics and battery management)
  • Energy consumption (the traction drive and motor control fundamentals)



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John Johnson's career spans over 25 years in the semiconductor industry with roles in engineering, marketing, and management. At STMicroelectronics, he manages the Automotive Systems Marketing group for the Americas region. Prior to this, he was an engineer/manager developing communication system test equipment, primarily targeting mobile infrastructure and video distribution. John has a BSEE from Purdue University and is the author/co-author of several articles and papers addressing subject matter including vehicle electrification and video analytics, and signal chain design and processing.