Digital Manufacturing Summit 2022

Digital Manufacturing Summit

May 19, 2022
America, Chicago, IL

Registration and detailed Agenda

ST will join industrial leaders for discussion on

 Industrial Innovation | Digital Transformation | Automation + Robotics | Sustainability | Industrial Data | Digital Lean

Ernesto Cantone, Product Marketing Manager, MEMS and Sensors, will host a Roundtable  10:50 am – 11:35 am CDT on How Machine Learning at the Edge can enable Condition Monitoring into Predictive Maintenance?

From 1:40 -2:00 pm CDT, in the Manufacturing Digitalization Track, Jay Esfandyari, Ph.D., Sr. MEMS Product Marketing Manager will address the Next Wave of high-volume Intelligent Sensors for Digitalization in IoT and Industrial Applications:

  • The deployment of sensors is transforming every facet of effective manufacturing and they are critical to collect data for the analysis of many components of manufacturing.  
  • Intelligent sensors combined with innovative software solutions are being developed as part of condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. These comprehensive solutions process and analyze the collected sensor data to convert them into information that is used to assess and diagnose the health condition of manufacturing and to take the appropriate steps to prevent potential safety issues and future downtimes.  
  • This presentation will address the fundamental role the latest intelligent sensors play in digitalization of state-of-the-art manufacturing and provide checklists for selecting the right sensors for various industrial applications.