DAC 2023


09-13 July – Moscone West Center
San Francisco, CA, USA


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60th Design Automation Conference
Founded in 1964, DAC is the longest-running and largest event focused on research and technology for the design and the design automation of electronic chips to systems. DAC offers outstanding training, education, exhibits and superb networking opportunities for designers, researchers, tool developers and vendors.

This year ST will demonstrate its innovative solutions and methodologies in the field of not only designs but also how to build them. ST's experts will share their visions in the new era of design and verification flows, helping engineers design and create state-of-the-art solutions and reach the market on time while ensuring the highest quality. Follow us at DAC.  We have several paper and poster presentations on the agenda showcasing our latest research on a variety of focus areas. You will also find us in the Gladiator Arena!

Check out the list of topics below!

PAPER Presentation PTD time zone  
Monday 10 July
1:30-1:45 PDT
Requirements management flow on digital projects with Reqtracer Alessandro Iannuzzi, ST presenter
Antonino Russo, Huqing Zheng, ST authors
Monday 10 July
Comprehensive Validation Solution for Silicon IP&Library Anil-Kumar Dwivedi, ST presenter
Lippika Parwani, Jean-Arnaud Francois, ST authors
Siddharth Ravikumar, Wei Tan, Siemens EDA authors
Monday 10 July
Digital Design Flow for Area-Constrained IPs Using Custom Non-standard IEEE-754 Format Marco Castellano ST presenter
Marco Leo ST author
Monday July 10
4:15-4:30 PDT
Low power DAC sub-system for Digital Beam Forming Chip Rupesh Singh, ST presenter
Ankur Bal, ST author
Tuesday, July 11
An automated flow for High Performance Asynchronous Digital Controllers Enea Dimroci, ST presenter
Francesco Battini, Roberta Priolo, ST authors
Tuesday, July 11
Weak Link Detection in Memory Periphery using Design Robustness Analysis Rohit Kumar Gupta, ST presenter
Ashish Kumar, Shashank Gupta, ST authors
Rakesh Shenoy, Rayson Yam, Synopsys authors
Tuesday, July 11
Fast and Accurate Phase Noise Analysis of Crystal Oscillator in 28 FDSOI Process Atul Bhargava, ST presenter
Sahil Kumar, Nitin Jain, Atul Bhargava ST authors
Prayes Jian, Cadence Design Systems author
Wednesday, July 12
A novel IP for Real Time DC Estimation and Removal Vikram Singh, ST presenter
Ankur Bal, ST author

POSTER PRESENTATIONS – meet the Poster Gladiator contestants in the DAC Pavilion – more here

Monday July 10, 5-6 PDT  
Quality Assurance of DRC deck by QA Cell Methodology and Automation using Cadence Skill Atul Bhargava, ST presenter
Ambika Bhardwaj, Chirag Agarwal, ST authors
Ultra-Low Voltage Enablement for Standard Cells with Moment based LVF
Poster Gladiator Contestant
Rohit Kumar Gupta, ST presenter
Etienne Mauirn, Sebastien Marchal, Jean-Arnaud Francois, Oliver Minez, Chiranjeev Kumar Grover, ST authors
Using Machine Learning to Optimize and Accelerate Random Regression Testing Davide Sanalitro, ST presenter
Emilio Stante, ST author
Maurizio Martina, Polytechnic University of Turin
Floorplan for implementation Methodology to the Next MSoT Smart Power (BCD) Designs Livio Fratantonio, ST presenter
Massimiliano Innocenti, Riccardo Guglielmo ST authors
Stefano Basile, Jonhatan Olave, Cadence Design Systems authors
A Method to Plan & Generate IO Ring based on CSV Specifications Atul Bhargava, ST presenter
Rajeev Singh, Manvi Dhawan, ST authors
Akshita Bansal, Vishesh Kumar, Hitesh Marwah, Cadence Design Systems authors
Requirement tracing for Design Flow in communication protocols IP
Poster Gladiator Contestant
Marco Meuli, ST presenter
A Structured way of Communication in Layout Design Flow through Virtuoso Design Intent
Poster Gladiator Contestant
Atul Bhargava, ST presenter
Priya Meharde, Anil Nagendra, Aditya Sharma, ST authors
Priyanshi Shukla, Cadence Design Systems author
Automated Clock Analysis, Skew Group Generation & CT Verification
Poster Gladiator Contestant
Raghubeer Singh, ST presenter
Harshil Niranjanbhai UPADHYAY, Anil Yadav, ST authors
Tuesday July 11, 5-6 PDT  
Accurate Behavioral Modeling Technique for Simultaneous Active Multiple LVDS Line Driver Anil Dwivedi, ST presenter
Natish Singla, Saurabh Srivastava, Mihir Pratap, Anil Dwivedi, Atul Bhargava, ST authors
Preventing Iterations from SoC Implementation Stage by Developing Pin Accessible Standard Cell Library Atul Bhargava, ST presenter
Sharmistha Sinha, Anand Mishra, Anuradha Ray, Frederic Avellaneda, ST authors
Parul Agrawal, Hitesh Marwah, Neha Agrawal, Vishesh Kumar, Cadence Design Systems authors
A design analytics-based methodology for enhancing dynamic IR signoff with minimum design changes Atul Bhargava, ST presenter
Amit Singh, Govind Pal, Sanjeev Jain, Anil Yadav, ST authors
Amit Jangra, Koshy John, Ansys authors
Unified Solution for CAD Development of Analog, Digital & Mixed Signal IPs
Poster Gladiator Contestant
Anil Dwivedi, ST presenter
Lippika Parwani, Bhupendra Singh, Gaurav Goel, ST authors
Design For Testability in Asynchronous Digital Controllers - An automated flow to design and validate asynchronous logic for digital controllers Francesco Battini, ST presenter
Enea Dimroci, Roberta Priolo, Marco Leo, ST authors
A Digital Emulator for an Analog Continuous Time Sigma Delta Modulator Vikram Singh, ST presenter
Ankur Bal, ST author
Wednesday July 12, 5-6 PDT  
An efficient and spice aligned method for complex IO's behavioral model generation and verification Anil Dwivedi, ST presenter
Natish Singla, Saurabh Srivastava, Harsh Garg, Avinav Joshi, Atul Bhargava, Anil Dwivedi, ST authors
Matthieu Fillaud, Siemens EDA author
Hazard Detection in Asynchronous Finite State Machines Transition Logic Roberta Priolo, ST presenter
Francesco Battini, Enea Dimroci, ST authors
Automated and integrated dynamic voltage drop IR-ECO flow on automotive ADAS SoCs Atul Bhargava, ST presenter Manish Kumar, Govind Pal, Samant Paul, Anil Yadav, ST authors Amit Jangra, Koshy John, Ansys authors