ACEPACK Power Modules webinar

Optimize your Industrial Motor Design with ACEPACK Power Modules

Introducing ST’s high performance power modules for simple, efficient, and rugged industrial motor designs

Missed the live event? Watch the recorded webinar for an introducation to ST’s brand new line of power modules based on the ACEPACK™ package. Initially targeting motor control applications from 3 kW to 30 kW, these modules incorporate ST’s M-Series Trench Gate Field Stop IGBTs for the best-in-class tradeoff of switching and conduction losses. ST’s broad device portfolio and available package options will also be presented, along with some application examples.

We’ll also discuss the new standard offering of converter-inverter-brake and six-pack topologies for motor control, as well as the vast array of custom options that can be addressed when combining ST’s power discrete silicon lines with this incredibly flexible form factor.


You will learn:

  • the benefits of ST’s M-Series IGBTs in motor control applications
  • what makes the ACEPACK an ideal mechanical form factor for high power applications
  • the custom capabilities of the ACEPACK when combined with ST’s broad offering of power discrete technologies
  • about ST PowerStudio, a powerful software suite for thermal modeling of ST ACEPACK and SLLIMM Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs)